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“Fully Customized Content Creation –
Why Not Let the Pros Do the Grunt Work for You?”

It's no secret: stand-alone links won't work, they have to be embedded in unique topical articles, blog posts, webpages etc.
And the more links you want, the more articles you'll require.

But having to create tons of non-spammy quality content which both the search engines and your visitors love can be a daunting, time consuming and costly chore.

Even if you can outsource this task to good, reliable copywriters (provided you can find them at affordable rates), you'll still have to review their performance, write up your feeback or hire a proof reader and editor, manage deadlines, pay their fees on time, etc.

Which is all very well as long as everything is finally running smoothly – but if it doesn't, you're in for a humungous time waster.

You Need: Quality Content! And Boatloads of It!

Only good content in sufficient quantity will allow you to make the very best of your link building and marketing efforts.

More quality content = more money!

Enter our Special Offer!

And it's REALLY special: this one of a kind premium service
comes at such a ridiculous cut rate – it's really quite unbelievable.
(Okay, so we're probably totally nuts doing that…)

Fully Customized Content Creation

The 100% Turnkey Solution:
Fully Customized Content Creation

By opting for this offer, you'll save tons of time and money and will put your content creation entirely on autopilot!

We'll do it all for you! Everything. Totally.

See for yourself what you'll be getting:

  • One custom written article (350-400 words) written according to your specifications (any niche except adult content/pornography)

  • You define keywords, anchor text, and links (up to 3 links per article)

  • Your article will be written by professional native speakers (U.S., UK and Canadian citizens) only – these are highly experienced copy writers who are making a full time living of this trade and have been doing so for years – i.e. no Third World gibberish grammar, no Asian idioms, no colonial Victorian mindsets and historical slang fit for the Museum of Linguistics, and no tons of spelling mistakes, either: this is 100% top quality stuff!

  • Note: If you prefer to furnish us with your own copy (250-400 words) to process, that's no problem, either. If your seed article is longer that 400 words, we'll edit it accordingly at no extra charge

  • Our specially trained English native speaker staff will process and upmark your article to prepare it for further automated processing

  • Next, we'll run the processed version through our proprietary in-house fantomas textMachine™ software to create 2,000 unique versions of your article, each one carrying your target link(s)

  • Spun articles will be 100% human readable, grammatically correct, topical, etc. – no markoved gobbledygook, no scraper content that reads like crap, no litigation prone copyright violations!

  • Guaranteed dissimilarity is >80% – no one else in the industry can offer you this! (This effectively avoids all and any duplicate content issues with the search engines.)

  • Think how many months' worth of quality publishing this gives you!

  • This is really a one-of-a-kind world class service none of our competitors has to offer!

  • This offer is only good for a tightly limited time and will be taken down again very soon (you bet we're serious!), so make sure you take advantage of it while it lasts and

CCC service - ok Okay, I want it! Let me take advantage of your Anniversary Offer for the Fully Customized Content Creation service! I understand that signing up will give me:

  • One customized article (350-400 words) written according to my specifications (any niche except adult content) by professional copywriters (English native speakers)
  • 2,000 unique versions spun from this article, embedding my target links
  • These article versions will be 100% human readable and grammatically correct
  • your crazy “10 Years Anniversary of fantomaster.com” price of only $680 (Retail) $620 (Anniversary Special)
Sign me up!

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